Wambui Karuga

  • The Eudyptula Challenge: Task I

    After my initial post introducing the Eudyptula Challenge, this is the first post of my solutions to the challenge. As with every programming tutorial or book, the first task is writing a very simple “hello world” kernel module. Here was the description of the first task in the challenge: Write a Linux kernel module, and stand-alone Makefile, that when loaded prints to the kernel debug log level, “Hello World!”. Be sure to make the module be able to be unloaded as well.

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  • The Eudyptula Challenge

    The Free and Open Source Software movement has existed since the 1980s with Richard Stallman being credited as the “father” of the free and open source movement. Throughout the years, FOSS has gained momentum and popularity in the technology world with many developers and advocates hailing it as the future standard of technology. However, there are also two different positions covered under the umbrella term “FOSS”: Free software which gives the user the power/ability to run, change and distribute the software as they see fit.

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  • Outreachy: Applying and Getting Accepted into the Programme.

    I found out about the Outreachy internship project in 2018 during my last year of school. I was interested in getting involved in contributing to the open source community and the Outreachy program kept popping up in guides on how beginners could get started in the open source world. Outreachy is an internship program that matches interns with Free and Open Source Software communities for a three month contribution period.

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